Pride of Ownership

Beautiful landscapes are living testimony to the energy and enthusiasm of the company’s creators. Founded on strong family values and work ethic, the company treats every project as its own with personal attention to both customers and plant life.

Beginning in 1988, the company opened as  a small  landscape maintenance  business. As   the need for quality landscaping grew,  influenced by various area landscapers and driven to educate himself  about the industry Ed Gomez planted the seeds for rapid growth under the name of Paradise Lawn Specialists.

Gomez continued growing his reputation, changing the name to Red Oaks  Landscape Contractors. In 1998, he had affiliated with Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) and had cultivated the company’s fine reputation in both commercial and residential projects.

Let Red Oaks  help you create a piece of heaven. Residential or commercial, backyard plot or new construction, Red Oaks  is planted in attentive, committed care throughout Chicago’s west and northwest suburbs. Call today for a personal visit, planning and consultation.


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