Design & Renovation

Attract Attention

Red Oaks Landscape Contractors lives up to its name in every sense. With highest landscaping standards and an eye for aesthetic combinations, Red Oaks brings lush, green appeal to any home. From existing landscapes that need artistic hands to new construction that requires grander vision, Red Oaks can help create your personal space.

Red Oaks crews bring added benefits in their well-trained, experienced understanding of plant care and maintenance. Beyond mowing lawns and trimming hedges, Red Oaks  can identify landscape shortfalls, nurture failing foliage, and take preventive measures to fend off insects and disease.

Once Red Oaks  comes to install a new natural scene, you’ll notice a difference in the careful approach and in the thriving, resplendent results.



Red Oaks works with you from the ground up to turn your designs into visual masterpieces. Whether working with you to improve an existing plan or teaming with a landscape architect to develop a new plan, Red Oaks matches every tree, shrub and plant to your specific situation.

Foliage recommendations, combinations, and placement maximize the life and lasting value of your landscape, considering:

• Soil quality and drainage


• Light


• Required maintenance


• Color, texture, and visual appeal