Plant Installation


Red Oaks helps you realize the look and feel of the landscape you want. You’ll have access to the heartiest breeds that best survive our Midwest climate. Or we can suggest other rare varieties that distinguish your property as a visual trendsetter.

Perennials & Grasses
Reminiscent of the area’s early prairies, grasses are growing landscape ornaments with their wispy spikes and low maintenance. Dotted with color from lasting perennials, the look is natural and free-flowing. 
Red Oaks also prunes and prepares plants for re-growth in successive seasons.  

Red Oaks takes pride in its quality sources for seasonal plants in a kaleidoscope of color. A wide variety of textures, shades, and heights offers countless design combinations that draw attention for as long as they’re planted.

Sod Installation & Seeding
Whether starting from seed, filling in thin spots, or laying a brand new section of sod, 
Red Oaks helps you create rolling green. From preparing the soil to protecting new growth, Red Oaks ensures a healthy carpet that will withstand traffic and other conditions.

Deciduous & Evergreen Trees & Shrubs
Create natural walls of texture and dimension with flowering shrubs for bursts of color, trees that change along with the seasons, or others that stay green year-round.