Red Oaks Landscape Maintenance is synonymous with excellence, providing timely, careful grooming of every green and flowering detail. With an understanding of seasonality, Red Oaks knows where to mulch, how often to mow, what time to plant, and when to prune, resulting in a flourishing, well-defined landscape.

From sustaining a weed-free, thick green lawn to framing blossoming beds of color, Red Oaks goes beyond everyday maintenance to ensure the most abundant, yet controlled growth.


Lavish Lawns

Red Oaks employs the latest treatment methods to help grow dense, green, healthy lawns.

Turf Analysis
Helps maintain proper nutrient balance 

Keeps lawns healthy and resilient

Opens passageways underneath the lawn to maximize water and nutrient exchange

Weed Control
Measured pesticides and/or insecticides keep unwanted weeds at bay, leaving room for thicker, richer lawns


Powerful Planting Beds

Bold blooms become vibrant focal points whether set around a simple sign or framing a foundation. Red Oaks brings color sense, along with a practiced knowledge of what looks good, to plant flower beds that are visually powerful.

Provides a finishing edge and helps define your landscape lines

Cultivating & Mulching
Turning over the soil, dividing plants, and pinching dead or dying flowers heighten plant productivity

Weed Control
Regular and frequent flower bed maintenance keeps out unwanted weeds, allowing maximum use of the space by the flowers you want to grow.

Tree & Shrub Care

Red Oaks follows a carefully planned maintenance schedule depending on the growth cycles of your trees and shrubs.

Fertilization & Insect Control
Consistent tree and shrub applications strengthen resistance to pests, weather, sun, and other conditions ultimately extending life and health. Treatments are applied in early spring, early summer, and early fall.

For failing trees and shrubs,
Red Oaks can help restore shape and life depending on maturity, location and condition.

Pruning & Trimming
Proper grooming can make the difference between just a trees and a shapely landscape ornament. 
Red Oaks landscapers know exactly where to cut to encourage full and proper growth as well as maximum flowering.