Snow Removal


Even during off-season when other landscapers leave for warmer weather—Red Oaks stays here to continue maintenance. Snow removal is careful and thorough, while preserving fragile foliage underneath. Because Red Oaks knows the layout of your land, it takes extra precaution to protect trees and shrubs. Quick response after every snowfall keeps ahead of wintry hazards, and helps keep your property safe yet still scenic.

Driveways & Walkways
Plowing and shoveling in smaller areas where necessary,
Red Oaks clears maximum walking space to allow safe, unobstructed passage.

Main Thoroughfares
Whether access directly to the street, or via a winding driveway, thoroughfares are kept free of snow and ice no mounting hills of plowed snow or hidden patches of ice.

Application of Ice-Melting Compounds
Red Oaks visually inspects your landscape to identify areas of potential hazard. Applications on a regular basis protect you and visitors from unforeseen falls.

Appropriate Snow Removal Equipment
Red Oaks employs the latest equipment to manage snow with the utmost precision, quickly and efficiently. Using both motorized tractors and trucks, Red Oaks is careful to navigate the foliage, preserving its vitality for emergence in Spring.